Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ahhh... Sleep at last.

Well, one night of it so far. =) We tried the rice cereal thing and it didnt really add hours to her night of sleep. It was fun to watch her try to eat off a spoon though. She was REALLY wanting to feed herself and kept trying to grab the spoon from Kevin's hand!

So last night we just put her to bed around 530 (I know...early, but she was so tired) and she slept until 1230. She was up for 15 minutes to eat and then slept until 630 and then went BACK to bed until 10am. WOW! Now if she can just do something like that on a night I have to go to work the next day!

We normally keep the house around 65 degrees when we sleep at night and with all the stuff you read about babies suffocating with blankets in the bed you have to be really careful about how you bundle. I get a kick out of the gear she wears to keep her warm and I thought I'd take a picture...

It's amazing to see the development she's had within the past week even. She's been grabbing at toys and her feet and seems more aware of her surroundings. She'd love to sit up on her own, but that's still yet to come. The Bumbo seat is a great thing and propping her up seems to work too. This picture reminds me of Lilly Tomlin in the big rocking chair...

New Years Eve was the most uneventful its been for me since 2001 (when I first moved to MD). We were supposed to go to a party, Natalie in tow, but we were both so exhausted and she fell asleep rather early so we opted to stay in and eat the dip we had planned to take to the party and watch movies. We both kind of made ourselves sick on dip - although it was good - and drifted off to sleep around 1130. That's right folks... we couldnt even make it to midnight! Ah well. Welcome to life with kids!!!

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Angela said...

Glad to see that you were able to get some sleep the other night!!! Natalie is soooo cute! :)