Saturday, October 6, 2007


So our new little addition has been awake a bit more lately. Hence, no blogging as I try to get used to the mad repetition of wake, feed, burp, diaper, sleep. We've all been doing well, although I (Lauren) could use a little more sleep. Natalie seems very adept at sleeping for 2 hour periods at night and teases us with 3 and 4 hour naps during the day. Ahh... if only I could get her to turn that around. I finally had to move her to her own room yesterday because I was getting no sleep in the wee hours of the morning when she insists on grunting quite contently. Geeks that we are, we set up the web cam in her room complete with night vision so we could peer in on her as she slumbered away. I still didnt get a ton of sleep, but I guess that's normal for a parent of a almost 4 week old.

Anyway... enough about that. A good friend of ours Meggan took some pictures of Natalie at 9 days and did a brilliant job. She's just started her own photography business ( and I know she'll be successful. She's very driven and has a good eye when it comes to portraiture. Here are some of the awesome pictures she took:

Oh! Update for any of you that have been following our blog. We got a FANTASTIC letter in the mail two weeks ago and I forgot to mention it here. My credit card has decided to make permanent the conditional credit they gave me for the dresser nightmare (reference this post). PRAISE THE LORD! I love happy endings!!

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Angie said...

The pictures of Natalie are gorgeous!! And Congrats on the CREDIT CARD happy ending. Hope you are doing well.