Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Diets Stink

So lately we've been on this diet. I still have about 23 lbs to lose and Kevin put on a little sympathy weight with me during the pregnancy. My appetite has definitely gone down, but I'm annoyed that I can't seem to lose weight as fast as I put it on. I think I gained 7lbs in the span of a week and a half at one point in my pregnancy.

Anyway... with a kid now I dont have a lot of time to work out so we've just been trying to eat well. Kev's old boss lost more than 100 lbs on this diet (lean meats, fruits and veggies mostly) but none of it has been "quick" to fix for dinner, etc. Tonight we're having chicken and frozen peas. Not sure HOW its being prepared, but that's what's for dinner. The frustrating thing about all this is that I was fairly proactive before Natalie arrived and made dinners for such a time as this so that we'd have quick meals we could just throw in the oven and warm up. However, they're things like baked spaghetti and beef enchiladas and they didn't quite make the diet cut. Anybody have any alternatives to chicken and frozen peas? Because that's what I think we're having for dinner. *sigh*


MrsBurly said...

Hang in there friend! Diets do stink but I am sure it will all come off - just not as quickly as you would like!!

Alex and Miriam said...

I've been very happy doing Weight Watchers (Core plan). I don't have to think about how many points/calories are in my food - I just eat from the approved list. WW online has tons of great recipes and they categorize them by prep time. I can send you the quick prep time ones I have if you're interested!

Beth said...

If you're still feeding her yourself that helps A LOT!! I went down to smaller than before I was pregnant. But alas when I stopped the food caught back up to me, but I love food too much to diet so what's a girl to do. :)