Monday, September 24, 2007

Diaper Duty Anyone??

So I just got done changing a diaper that leaked out the sides and manifested itself on the pants of a cute little pink number. Hmm... cute no more. =) Not 10 minutes later, new outfit cutely in place, I realize that the entire thing is soaked and the diaper I've just put on her has failed. The new outfit and ME are the lucky recipients of a bunch of infant wetness... Nice.

So I'm soliciting diaper changers.

I know I havent written any all week. Each day I have fabulous intentions to conquer the chores and each day I've been surprised to find how LITTLE I actually accomplish. This is definitely an eye opener for me as I develop a new appreciation for mothers everywhere.

Here's some pictures of Natalie from the past week though... just to catch you all up.

I woke up to find her sleeping like this one morning. We call this one "Undercover Baby".

He's a changed man.

Sleeping baby pics are my fav!


Miriam said...

Wow! She looks so different already! Gotta love those first memorable blow outs!!! I still laugh when I think about Alex burping Jasmine at a late night feeding only to find that her poop was pooling in his lap! : ) Kinda gross kinda funny! As far as baby gook on outfits - Oxy Clean - it is a miracle worker. I pre-soak all the girls' clothes in hot water and Oxy before washing - gets rid of that yellow staining from formula/breastmilk and definitely takes out the poo poo! : ) I've even been able to by stained outfits at resale shops and use Oxy to remove the stains! Happy diaper changing! Love, M

angmo said...

Yeah...more Natalie pics! I love your blog Lauren and hope that you have the energy to keep it up. :)

Good luck on those blowouts...I don't envy you at all on those! :)

Beth said...

Awww, the memories of blowouts! I remember one night we ran out of bassinette sheets and had to start using his receiving blankets as an under sheet b/c he kept wetting them at every change.
Cute pics! She looks like she's already mastered peek a boo. :)

Dana (Brant) Baker said...

LOL... that undercover baby pic is so funny! Thanks so much for sharing on your blog, Lauren! I love seeing those new pics!

Lots of love!
Dana :o)

pipsylou said...

She is such a beautiful baby! Those lips!