Saturday, September 15, 2007

Videos, Videos, Videos!!!

Kevin Here! Here are some video clips from this past week. I hope you all enjoy them :)

NOTE: Don't click on the play sign in the middle of the video windows below... click on the smaller play button on the bottom left of each video... then it will play the video right on this website.

Natalie on the way!

Just Born, 15 minutes ago!

With us only 30 minutes... and under the heat lamp!

Snuggling w/ dad

After first bath at home. What a cutie...

Thanks for watching!!!!


Beth said...

How cute!! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful first moments with us.

Ms. Burly said...

So fun to see Natalie on video. Thanks for posting these! Lauren you seriously are my hero - I hope I look as amazing as you did 15 minutes after giving birth. I am so happy for you both, God has truly blessed you with a beautiful girl! Love you.

angmo said...

Adorable! Loved the new pics and the videos. :) You can definitely tell she is a much-loved little girl!