Monday, September 17, 2007

Sweet Petunia

We made it to church yesterday - what a feat! It took us 2 hours to get out the door and the cat insisted on barfing on the carpet to make the affair that much more dramatic. =) We were late, but we made it and enjoyed showing her off to everyone. She thought it was so great that she slept the entire time we were there... ha!

Kevin went into work today to take care of some things but will be home with us the rest of the week. We were both surprised to learn last week that he was being promoted (God is SO awesome) to the position of I.T. Manager. Its a timely answer to prayer (indirectly) and just continues to prove how faithful God has been to our family.

Here's some fun pics of Natalie from Saturday night. I kept taking pictures of faces that I thought were really cute only to end up with a completely different shot once the camera got around to snapping the photo. These were some of the most amusing from the batch!

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Ms. Burly said...

Is that a smile in the first pic? Hee hee.