Monday, September 3, 2007

Sleep, Elusive Sleep

Everyone says you sleep really poorly when the baby arrives as you're up intermittently for feedings, etc. I believe that, but I'm not believing how poorly I'm sleeping at present! Maybe it's natures way of preparing me for what lies ahead. For the past 4 days, I've yet to sleep all the way through the night. Does that mean she's coming soon? Lets hope so!

So its 4 am and I'm up with a nice case of acid reflux. Against my better judgment, I had marinara sauce from a local Italian joint (so good!) with my dinner last night and I'm now paying the price. I thought I had covered my bases with some Tums shortly after dinner, but apparently not because I woke up about 45 minutes ago with a lovely feeling of hurlage in the back of my throat. Ah, the joys.

Then my mind started racing about the size of diapers I have - I think I have too many newborn diapers. "Would Target take them back? Did I have the receipt? Where did that pesky little thing go? Better get up and go look for it." So, yup. At 345 am I was up looking for a Target receipt with diapers on it. I believe "insanity" might be the word to describe that. Well, I'm AWAKE now. *sigh* More Tums still hasn't helped. At this point I'm ready to swear I'll never eat marinara again...

So we've had a bit of a setback here over the weekend. Our only baby-mobile (one of these) died. I picked up a book from the library and got in my trusty little car only to find that I couldnt shift out of 2nd. Actually, it turns out my linkage (I didn't even know what that was until this weekend) broke. Hmmm... nice timing (1 week prior to due date). Trying not to panic, I called Kevin at home and informed him that I had some "really bad news".

Fortunately (or unfortunately) we were able to drive it to the shop, but by that point it was supremely overheating as my newly installed radiator fan had also busted. So not sure of what damage is going on there. And did I mention that I also need rear brakes? When it rains... it pours, folks.

Actually, Kevin and I thought it rather ironic in light of all of the events going on recently. God has been teaching us a lot about how FAITHFUL he is. And He's been giving us a lot of reasons to really have to lean on Him for things. There's been a lot of things recently that have been out of our control and we're either still trusting Him to work things out (because there's not much else we can do) or we've seen Him answer prayer and provide in miraculous ways (that were totally not of us).

So after a lot of prayer and contemplation, we decided to take advantage of the Labor Day sales and look for a new (new-to-us) car that might be a suitable baby-mobile. Mini-vans are straight out for both of us. Neither one of us are extremely fond of the look and feel that there's a sort of "grown-up-ed-ness" that goes with one that we're just not ready to embrace. We decided to look at an SUV to accommodate a family AND all of our gear (camping, luggage, baby-crap, etc) for many years to come. We're actually on an extended test drive this weekend of a Buick Rainier and have really liked it so far. Although the one we're test-driving is not the one we're going to get (we learned that this particular year had some issues), we are hoping to drive up to PA tomorrow (oh... I guess today - its IS 4:30 am) and buy this 05 model.

Its a big purchase for us - we have been enjoying the land of no-car-payment for some time now and the thought of a loan really makes us cringe. But neither Kevin's truck nor my little Saturn (if it is completely fixable) is a terrifically safe car. (My car has seen 3 hoods - I used to be a bit of a speed demon in college - and the airbags have NEVER gone off). So, hopefully this SUV is available when we call about it later today. If not, we may be renting a car for a few more days (in case I go into labor) and will be back to the drawing board about what to buy. Somehow, I'm not sure they let you put your newborn in the basket of your bicycle and pedal away...


Beth said...

Still no baby!! Sorry to hear about your Saturn dying, I remember you trying to teach me to drive it b/c it's a stick, but alas that's the last time I ever tried. :)
Yes, they let you take diapers back and I'm sure w/o a receipt, you might just get store credit instead of cash back. But hey diapers never really go on clearance so you should always get full price back. ;)
Your new car looks nice. We just purchased an 06 Fusion to replace Matt's car he had in college.

Ms. Burly said...

Nice car!! Hope you found something in PA.
Maybe that baby girl is just waiting on that new "ride" to take her home.
Hang in there.

Miriam said...

Love the last sentence of this post - laughed out loud! I can't believe your no sleeping through the night didn't start until 4 nights ago - I think that is doing pretty good for a very pregnant woman. I haven't sleep through the night for about 10 months now (five before babies - five after!) I keep hoping to see pictures of your newborn when I check your blog - lots of love and easy labor wishes from MO!

Elizabeth said...

I'm really sorry to hear about the Saturn. It's good to know that you guys don't want to go *completely* babe-ified and get a minivan. An SUV at least says "hey, we have a kid, but we also have fun". When is your official due date?
I wish I could see you right now - it's so weird to think that one day you're pregnant and the next day there's a whole other person that just appears seemingly out of thin air. :) I need to give you a call soon - I'm sorry I haven't been able to talk lately, but I'd like to chat before all this goes down. Love you lots!

Kevin & Lauren said...

Elizabeth, thats exactly how I feel about a SUV/Minivan. :) Although if I had to get a minivan it would be a honda odyssey; they are pretty nice looking for a minivan.