Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Carnival of '11

When they're in their 80's, they'll be looking back and telling their grandkids about how when THEY were little, they used to ride on metal carnival equipment that was probably 30 years old and there were REAL germs on all of the rides. And that you'd get whiplash from the roller coasters - the kind that knocks your head around a metal seat like a ping pong ball.

They'd mention how the safety harnesses were easily slipped out of and there were high voltage wires between all the rides that you could trip on. And that all the carnies looked like they had worn the same filthy shirt since last year and maybe belonged on America's Most Wanted.

And then their grandkids would wonder if their parents had been crazy taking them to such an establishment.

And I think the answer might be yes.

But hey, it was fun!

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