Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Gone!

Last weekend Kevin and I tackled a project we'd been thinking about for quite some time. But it involved wallpaper removal - lots of it. And if that isnt enough to stop you dead in your tracks I don't know what is. Last time we did this was in 2004 when we moved into the house - so alas we had been dragging our feet A LONG TIME.

Anyway, the impetus for any change in the kitchen was this:

Notice the countertop split in front of the sink.

These counters (even though they're laminate) were brand spankin new when we moved in. Apparently the sink wasn't sealed properly though, so fun times all around.

I guess I'm not complaining though... we thought we'd just replace the counters with postform laminate to cut down on cost, but when running the numbers, granite wasn't a ton more (provided we do a little legwork ahead of time).


That part should be done in a month or so - I just wanted to show you the beginning stages of our project.


Can you believe I'm showing you how messy my kitchen is? I really can't either.

But it really was pretty clean in comparison to how it looked once the wallpaper started coming down.


Be forewarned: Wallpaper removal is a messy job. You will find little pieces of glue backed paper for WEEKS.

So, we really could use some feedback though on the wall color. We are not redoing the floors, so we matched the gray/blue floor to a medium gray counter. Should we follow the gray theme and do a light gray wall (as seen in the middle swatch of wall color? Or do I try to tie in some of the yellow undertones of the cabinets? I was originally thinking white walls but they're pretty white now and the trim and the walls just kind of blend into each other. Obviously I dont want it to be too dark, though. I was also debating a chalkboard paint on the wall with the two closets (by the kitchen table) although I'm not sure how chalkboard paint "wears". Does it erase well? Can you paint over it easily? Advice please!!!

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Tonya said...

Hi. I just found your blog through YardSaleMommy. Love the granite. If I were you I would definitely paint the walls!! Do you have a theme in your kitchen? If not, then either a light gray blue or yellow would look great. I have had yellow in my kitchen before and absolutely loved it. Word to the wise though, get little samples and try it first:) I think by our third or fourth paint color we got it right! ha. It was either way too yellow or not yellow enough. Good luck with the project! Tonya at