Friday, March 25, 2011

Intervention Update

So about a month ago I came clean about my love affair with grocery shopping and the exhorbitant amount of money I spent on consumable goods. 

During the month of February I realized that I'd already spent $661 at grocery stores, Costco and Target by the 21st and was determined not to do anymore shopping until March.  However, I found myself needing to stock up on meats and produce before month's end as my husband decided to join me on the Atkins diet.  The total for the month?  $961. 


I knew I could do better.

This month isnt over yet, but I'm on target to do MUCH better.  My mantra this month is "only the essentials".  I'm not stocking up on anything (since I have such a stockpile anyway) and I'm barely looking at the grocery ads.  For a long time I'd tried to do the "extreme couponing" that you read about on so many "mommy blogs".  People can really cut their expenditures in HALF by playing the coupon games at local grocery stores and places like CVS and Rite Aid.  However, I found that I was spending MORE money by attempting to do that.  I would get a good deal, but then I might buy too much of something and then not plan a meal utilizing it.  It ends up sitting on my shelf not getting used and then just adding to the food budget for the month.  So my new approach is just STAY AWAY FROM THE GROCERY STORE.

It's working pretty well.  Currently I've spent about $450 on groceries for the month. Can you believe it?!?!  I think I deserve a gold star or a smiley face by my name or SOMETHING!

Lauren =)

So I'm definitely improving.  The only temptation could be the fact that I would like to make a trip to Costco before the end of the month and I rarely get out of there for less than $100.  But I'm determined to be able to go with a SHORT list and get out unscathed.  I think I can, I think I can....

So stay tuned and keep the encouragement coming my way!


Erin Patricia said...

sooo whats's your plan when the o so fabulous wegmans opens at the end of the summer? i can see our grocery "budget" no longer existing!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh

Lauren said...

Um, yeah. Wegmans is my weakness! But they DO have good sales and I SHOULD be able to menu plan during that time too (which helps me not go overboard with the spending). I guess I have a few more months to get the hang of this grocery budgeting before having to figure all that out.