Sunday, March 13, 2011

19.5 Months

So I'm a little behind on updates.  But who has time for that between all the chaos of two kids, work, housework and life in general?  How do those Duggars do it?

Anyway, Liam is getting big.  He understands EVERYTHING, has slendered out and very tall for his age.  He doesnt say a lot, but here's what he does say:
  • Ma! (It means "Map" or "Dora") Go ahead and yell that one to get an idea of what it sounds like and  then imagine it like 50 times a day.  He loves Dora, but especially the Map, and will stand 10 inches from the TV and not move for 30 minutes if Dora is on.
  • "Ah Dah!" (all done)  Also yell this very loudly, waiting two seconds between each word, right after rubbing spaghetti sauce in your hair and throwing any remaining food from your plate on the floor
  • kitakitakita (kitty cat).  He's very affectionate toward her.
  • Yeah! Again, yelling at the top of your lungs, throw your hands up in the air in touchdown mode as a response to "Do you want to eat?"  "Do you want your pacifier?" "Do you want to go outside?"  Conversely if there's something you don't want to do, fall on the floor and writhe around like you're favorite dog just died.
  • Mama Um... yes, he's a mama's boy.
  • Da-dee (Daddy)  Its a recent progression from Dada to Daddy.  Super cute.
  • Raaaar (Roar) This is what a lion says (as well as what a bird, cat, dog and hyena say, according to Liam).
  • Uh oh  Usually something to worry about and means you've got Cheerios/Vinegar/Peppercorns/etc spilled all over the floor.
  • Ta Too (Thank you)  He says this without being prompted - something I attribute to our nanny, Jody.  She's so on the ball with teaching manners to the kids.  It's wonderful!
  • Woo Woo Woo (Siren or "Mom... you're getting pulled over")
He also does sign language for milk, more, please, help and wash hands.  He doesnt try to say any of these words since he can sign them, but he'll be happy to throw his cup on the floor (or his entire tray of food, for that matter) to get your attention so you can serve his signed requests.

And just the other day he walked over to the diaper bag, pulled out a diaper and a wipe and laid down and began mock wiping his bottom.  Turns out his diaper was, indeed, dirty.  All right kid... if you can tell me it's dirty then you can surely tell me you need to use the potty!

He's a fun kid who makes us laugh every day.  We're all looking forward to seeing how his personality develops and hoping he figures out that there's no need to talk at 500 decibels for the rest of his life. =)

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Derrick said...

That's just too cute. Can't wait to hear his new vocabulary - Papa