Friday, March 25, 2011


I wish Natalie had gymnastics every day.  I'm not sure how a person so petite (who isnt allowed any sugar on a normal day) and who also doesnt nap can have SO much energy.  The childs feet barely touch the ground during the waking hours for all the hopping, dancing, jumping, running and diverolling off of the furniture she does.

Kevin and I got to attend the last session of her winter gymnastics class and see her in action. 
her class 

Natalie doing a flip.

Natalie and Dad
Note: This is what happens when you tell her to laugh so she'll give a genuine smile.  I'll just say she takes after her mother.

Nat and Mom

Yeah for gymnastics!  I just hope she'll be able to keep it up next year with the addition of preschool to the mix. (more on that to come)

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