Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Past Week in Pictures

I'm behind on blogging, but dinner preparations are awaiting my attention and the kids are a little cantankerous today. So be happy with what you get!

Ok, maybe I'm a little cantankerous today too. =P

My mom came to visit last week while Kevin was off to western Maryland hunting deer. We took the kids to a Harvest party at church.

Poor Liam's dinosaur hat kept falling in his eyes.

I snapped a shot of Nana reading to Liam that reminded me of one almost two years ago. I think Natalie was just about the same age. So CUTE!

Liam in 2009

Natalie in 2007

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Angie said...

I love the pictures of Grandma reading to the kids. Isn't there just something so special about watching your Mom read to your baby? Love those pics of my Mom.
Thanks for posting the cutie halloween pics - Reese is a ladybug too.