Friday, October 9, 2009

Mother Of the Week Award

No, I'm not the winner. In fact, I think I came in last place. My daughter fell off a couch and we had a visit to the E.R. at the beginning of the week. And just TODAY she tripped while playing in this tent and bit almost all the way through her lip.

Do I get a gold star? I seriously turned my back for 20 seconds this time.

Thankfully I didnt have to take her BACK to the E.R. and explain to the doctors why we had TWO incidents in one week.

I swear, cuts in your mouth and on your head have the habit of bleeding WAAAAAAY more than is necessary and freaking every mom out that her child is probably dying or will need major surgery. Thankfully, as fast as the bloody faucet turned on it seemed to stop (with the help of some ice and a popsicle).

Liam helped cheer her up and told some jokes. (Okay, maybe not really, but it DOES look like he's thinking something funny here.)

It looks like it may have worked...

Lately I've been feeling a lot of guilt for putting chores ahead of spending time with her. This afternoon was my attempt at reconciling that so we could spend some quality time together. Argghhh!! I guess you could title my afternoon "Spend Quality Time with Your Daughter: FAIL!".

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Miriam said...

Does it make you feel any better that Mina poked her eye so hard this morning that is watered all day and she'd break into tears sporatically all day saying "owwee eye" - and then fell down some steps tonight and got a rug burn on her nose and upper lip and a HUGE bloody nose... : ) Ah - toddlers!!!! I think you're mother of the week for just surviving.