Monday, October 19, 2009

2 1/2 Months


How you've changed so much in the first 2 and half months. To think you're almost 3 months...where has the time gone?

You're SUCH a happy baby, cooing when you're held and SUCH a good sleeper at night. I think you're going to be social like your sister. You're definitely not content to hang out by yourself on the activity mat or in the swing if we aren't right there by you. You absoultely love the bath - which is a good thing because the rolls on your legs and neck can get pretty rank with all the milk that gets stuck there.

You seem to love your big sister almost as much as she loves you. It didn't even bother you last week when she almost pulled you all the way out of your swing and dropped you on your head on the tile floor of the kitchen. Thank goodness I stopped her in time because your forehead would have been flattened and you would have had to deal with caveman jokes the rest of your life.

Buddy Bear, it's a good thing you're 15 pounds because you're going to need some bulk to play with this rough and tumble little sister of yours. This is the same girl who's passing down to you her pink bumbo seat (that you are ROCKING, by the way) and all of her baby toys (which she's decided that she's not QUITE done playing with - especially when they're in YOUR hands).

Liam, you make me smile every day.

I look forward to watching you grow up and get taller than me and take on the world. But for now, I'm content to nestle you close to me, watch you flash me a dimpled, toothless grin and fall asleep (snoring) on my chest.

You rock my world, little guy.


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