Monday, March 2, 2009

Yum.... FOOD!

So lately I've been all about food. I'm really obsessed. I realized last night that the problem is that pregnancy causes me to rarely (if ever) feel "full". Normally I can eat a reasonable amount of food and be done. But lately I've had a bottomless pit of a stomach and while it makes for some adventures in the kitchen, it has not boded well for my relationship with my bathroom scale.

Prepare yourself for the wailing that will emanate from my doctors office tomorrow when I go for my 20 week visit.

We've been eating-in a lot for dinners lately - simply because its cheaper to eat something fancy at home, I'm a shopaholic when it comes to groceries and Natalie is completely a loose canon when we go out to eat. You never know HOW it's going to go if she's along at a restaurant. (Usually we end up shoving food in our face for fear an explosion of boredom and/or tired crankiness is impending.)

So tonight I'm experimenting with a new recipe (my favorite thing to do these days). I ended up buying more ricotta than I needed at the grocery store the other day (surprise, surprise) and, not being a fan of wasting food, I found this recipe that should use it up nicely. My plan is to use some of the ground venison we have thawing in the fridge to make these, a recipe I've tried before and really enjoy. And I'll be using up the rest of the super easy/good marinara sauce I made on Friday. Paired with the loaf of Italian bread I've got on top of the fridge, this should be a good blizzard meal that will *hopefully* fill me up and keep me from having to unearth the car from 5 inches of snow to run to the store.

I know, I know, I hear all of you from Missouri (and other WAY cooler states that actually get decent winters) saying, "5 inches? Pshawwww! That's NOTHING!". And, not so secretly, I'm extremely jealous.

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