Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I've Been Up To

A friend recently asked me what my days have been like since I've been gone. I thought I'd post here as I haven't said a peep in a few weeks. (You might see why when you see eHere's my response:

The days here are all the same. Get up, eat breakfast at the hotel, go to the office from about 8-11:30, go out to lunch, work from about 1-5ish, go out to eat, work/veg at the hotel, feel very pregnant and swollen, notice my cankles, take a shower, go to bed. Every. single. day.

If I'm being positive, I haven't had to clean up after myself for three weeks and I've had some time to go shopping without an impatient 18 month old along for the ride. I've also gotten to eat lots of good food and I've had time to work out (although so far I've only done that once =o). But I'm really ready to see my family again. I REALLY want to go home.

One more week. While only a third of my stay out here, seems like a lifetime.

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