Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Lil Chef

So recently I've been letting Natalie "cook" in the kitchen with me. Mostly that constitutes of letting her stand on a chair at the counter with me while I make dinner. Occasionally (if I'm brave) I let her stir something in a bowl and push buttons on the microwave. She really seems to enjoy being a part of the action and it helps me get through making dinner without a lot of complaining and whining from a bored and hungry 18 month old.

I'd mentioned this to my mom and she commented how cute that was but we didn't talk about it much more. So, it was much to my surprise this past weekend when I got a package in the mail with matching aprons for both Natalie and me that my mom had made herself! It really touched me and I almost found myself in tears. Thanks, Mom. I really appreciate all of your hard work!


MegganB said...

I can't quite get over how much your little girl has morphed into a little Kevin!! I remember thinking she looked so much like you when she was born - but the same doesn't hold true now :) Loving the apron - what a cutie pie!

Heather said...

very nice. I love the doggies! and i second that last comment, she does look like Kevin a lot, lol!