Wednesday, November 26, 2008

While I Was Gone...

Natalie developed a lot of new tricks while I was gone. She's apparently able to say "all gone" and can blow kisses now. She also roars like a lion when you ask her what a lion says and makes elephant and bird noises too. Next trip I'll take she'll probably start dating while I'm away.

Jody (our nanny) has been an AWESOME god-send while I've been gone. She has taken care of baths and taken Natalie to story time and practially narrates every activity of the day to Natalie. I've really noticed the devleopmental changes in her with all of the verbal and creative interaction. In many respects I think Jody is a better playmate than I could be for Natalie since I've got my nose in my work. We love her and are so thankful God provided someone so reliable for this busy time in our lives.

Arizona was nice as far as the weather and scenery goes. It was sunny there the whole time, reaching 70 every afternoon. It was hard being away from Kevin and Natalie, though and I'm looking forward to wrapping things up there. I fly out again next week for a week and then I'm done. Christmas is going to fly by this year - I know it. I'm debating on whether I should go to the trouble of putting up all 3 of my Christmas trees this year or not since it will be for all of 2-3 weeks and I'll be fighting a toddler off of the ornaments during her every waking moment.
Here are a few pics from my trip to Arizona. Pretty - but brown. I like snow covered mountains. Apparently they DO get snow - just not yet.

Grand Canyon view from the plane on the way to my Las Vegas layover. Did you know they have slot machines in the airport there? Weird!

Some pretty scenery pictures around Ft. Huachuca (in Southern Arizona)

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