Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well, it's FINALLY done.

The house is finally painted and we're happy with the color. It's just our FIFTH choice. Seriously, we went through that many quarts to pick a color. I definitely don't have an eye for color when it comes to looking at a little swatch - but this you already know.

So here's the final result. We have both resolved to never paint this house again. It will either mean us moving before the house needs it again or it will mean we'll just cave and buy vinyl siding.

Oh, and see that sign in our yard? No, we did NOT have a very good night last night. Grrrr.


Beth said...

It looks wonderful, very nice choice. We did not have a good night either Tuesday. :(

Pipsylou said...

That color was what we were going for when our house was painted orange! :( How did you achieve tan? I love your house!