Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight (the movie) ... such a disappointment!

I just got back from seeing Twilight while out here in Arizona. (Because you know I don't get time to get out of the house much at night when I'm at home!) I was horribly disappointed... the movie completely sucked. It was full of so much overacting and lacked plot elements needed to build up the characters and make us "believe" the story... The movie was a complete cheezification of the whole romantic story told in the books! I thought the casting was terrible; Edward and Jacob were totally wrong and Bella wasn't right. The audience was laughing out loud when we should have been drawn in by the story. I'm glad I only paid $6.25 to go see it (a bonus of rural Arizona). What a waste of two hours!!

Its 11pm and I've got to start in on the first couple chapters of the 4th book before I go to bed so I can rid my mind of this pitiful attempt at a portrayal of a great story.

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