Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weary Wednesday

It's been interesting around here the past couple days. Natalie's sitter (who comes two days a week) was out because of her 3 mos old daughter's *cough* sickness (I'm sure she probably IS sick, but I was still waiting for an actual phone call and not a text message and I was beginning to get a bit worried she was ditching me). Watching Natalie Tuesday was surprisingly fine. I had to work a full day and didn't have the time to play with her as she was accustomed. She managed to entertain herself for the bulk of the day by crawling around the upstairs chewing on some pinecones (I have a box of them in my craft room), tormenting the cat (who really has been a good sport), and attempting to make a b-line for the bathroom whenever the door was left open. (By the way, what IS it about that spot between the toilet and the wall? The dirty little spot at the base of the toilet with the little plastic piece that covers the bolt holding the toilet to the floor. She LOVES it...gross!)

Anyway, she was an easy baby.

Fast forward to today. Screaming, wanting to be held non-stop, rubbing her eyes but refusing to go to sleep, pulling folded clothes from their neat little stack, pulling all the books off the bookshelf and general mayhem. And I'm on a conference call. I swear, had I turned the phone off mute, they would have thought I had a whole daycare in my room. Everytime I tried to lay her down her head would hit the matress and she'd close her eyes, but within seconds her butt would arch up in the air and she's wave it around attempting to get up. Kevin made the funny observation this past weekend that when she fights being tired its like her head is tired, but her butt still wants to party. So true, Kev, so true.

So with a comfort feeding (and who doesn't love to eat to solve their problems?) she was finally down. When she got up a few hours later she was a different kid for about an hour. Then back to the "mommy, mommy hold me, bounce me, hang me upside-down by my toenails, etc, etc". And honestly... who can blame her? I'd be bored to tears if I had to entertain myself the second straight day in a confined area with the same old toys to play with. If only I could clone myself to hang out with her like she wanted. In the midst of the hubub I got a text from my sitter. Joys! She hadn't fallen off the face of the planet and had not decided to ditch me. She said that her daughter was now going to be checked out for allergies and asthma.

And that our cat may be the problem...

She also said she she wouldnt mind watching Natalie at her house if the cat turned out to be the issue. ARGGGGG!!!!! One of the biggest reasons I hired her to come to our house was so I could be AROUND Natalie more. If this *@#*$#@ cat is the only thing keeping me from seeing my kid I might poke my eyes out with a bottle brush!! (not to get too graphic) Why not get rid of the cat, you ask? Because it happens to be the beloved friend and bedtime cuddle-buddy of my dear husband and I might just nullify our marriage vows by kicking her to the curb. He claims she's the reason he married me. =)

Thankfully that beloved husband of mine came home early to rescue me from certain peril with bored daughter and peace returned to our house.

For now.


Please dont be the cat.
Please dont be the cat.
Please dont be the cat.

I dont know if I can handle that right now.

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