Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pub Crawl

Well, all that stressing out about being away from Natalie for my birthday getaway was for nothing! My in-laws had a terrific time with her and Kevin and I had a wonderful night away for some "grown-up time". Let me just say my husband is SO thoughtful and planned a really nice getaway. He arranged for us to stay one night in a bed and breakfast in Fells Point (Ann Street Bed & Breakfast).

For those of you that aren't familiar with good ole' Baltimore, Fell's Point is a neighborhood in the city that is right on the water and full of old historic buildings, fun bars and pretty cool cobblestone streets. I've only ever done day trips down there and haven't gotten to experience some of the fun nightlife that the area has to offer. So this was a new experience.

The B&B that we stayed at was a neat old rowhome with only two guestrooms that was decorated in true colonial style. The owner lived right next door and we simply walked downstairs and through a door that led into her picturesque kitchen for a tasty, gourmet breakfast in the morning. The kitchen and back patio seriously looked like it had come out of a magazine...the proprieter had SUCH a knack for decorating true to colonial style.

We got to Fells Point around 2pm and after check-in we walked around and checked out the shops and got a bite to eat in nearby Canton at Claddaughs Pub (home of a very good buffalo chicken sandwich).

That evening we were pretty full from dinner so we decided to hop from pub to pub in Fells Point grabbing an appetizer and a drink at each place. I LOVE dinner this way because you don't get full. Besides, I'd never done a pub crawl before and considering I'm in the last year of my 20's I was long overdue for getting my feet wet. Blue Moon was the drink of the evening (and really refreshing on a hot summer night). We also enjoyed shrimp, mussels, empanadas and calamari.

Such a fun time, Kev. Thanks for the good memories!!!


Barb said...

Beeeutiful backyard! love, Mom

Beth said...

Cute hair, I love it straight like that! :)