Friday, June 27, 2008

Well, I didn't see THAT one coming.

It's been a fussy week for Natalie at home. On Tuesday she started showing signs of Hand/Foot/Mouth disease and also an ear infection. The HFM must have been something she got from her last full day at Kindercare last Thursday. What a nice parting gift.... Not.

KC really doesn't want the HFM kids to come back to play with the rest of the healthy ones (understandably) so she's been home this week adjusting to the new caregiver that's been coming to the house two of the days I work from home and then just hanging out with me. But it's been a very fussy and un-Natalie week. When you don't feel good I guess its hard to find the gumption to crack a smile on a regular basis.

So I swung by Kindercare today with Natalie in tow to collect her things as the "trial" period for the sitter had passed and we didnt want to double up on childcare $$ for longer than we had to. When I got to KC I found myself hit with a strange reaction that in a thousand year I didnt anticipate.... lest you forget my initial reaction with taking her there.

Natalie perked up when we walked in and bust into a smile once she saw all of her friend and her teacher. WHAT?!?!? This is my sick kid who has been fussing all morning for me! I was really surprised about how difficult it was to pack up all of her things and march out of there. Not only was I was sad FOR her but she burst into tears when I put her in the carseat! She'd been there for a measly 4 months, but in that time she'd been doted on by some really nice women, she'd developed a ton socially and physically and she had enjoyed the interaction with other kids. I found myself worrying that she might not like it as much at home with me as shd did at this place that catered to round-the-clock entertainment for its kids. Do I sing enough silly songs and do enough educational play? How can I possibly keep up and manage to get things done around the house? Is this kid going to even like me?!?!

I'm sure I'm just being silly and that there are several factors into why she's been a bit fussy (new schedule, sickness, etc). She'll have to get used to not being held 24/7 and going to sleep without someone else in the room - but that will happen in time. Deep down I think that being home with me will be really good for her (and me too), but right now I'm left a little shell-shocked with how it felt to leave. Totally didn't see that one coming.

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Angie said...

Wow...isn't life weird?