Tuesday, June 10, 2008

9 Months Going On 15

When your 9 months old, its not hard to do something for the 1st time. Here's a list of several 1sts within the past week....

  1. First road trip (4.5 hours Saturday and 4.5 hours Sunday) She was pretty darn good.

  2. First trip to NY, NJ and Pennsylvania. For the Missouri folks reading this, did you realize we drove through 5 states in that 4.5 hours??? (She'd already been to Delaware and Maryland - of course.) I've been stuck on the road in KS and TX longer than that!

  3. First real crawl. She has to be bribed with things she can't have. Crawl to a toy? No way! Crawl to a sharp object that I can poke my eye out with? YES!!!

  4. First real banana, blueberry and tsaziki sauce. "What??!!", you say? It's what you do when you have a fidgety 9 month old and you're trying to finish your gyro.

  5. First game of mini golf (and she won...don't let the guy with the golf club fool you!)

  6. First pull to stand. This is a big one. What made it so cool is that my mom was there to see it!

  7. First Martha Stewart sighting. We drove past her enormous property and think we saw her from the back on a golf cart. Not everyday you can say you've seen Martha Stewart's backside!

  8. First 95 degree weather. Hotter than HEdoublehockeysticks

  9. First ice cream. And first ice cream in her nose. =)


Beth said...

Yea for Natalie on all her firsts! Love all the pics. And no I can't imagine driving through 5 states in less than 5 hours. :)

Angela said...

So very cute!! One of these days hopefully we'll see each other on one of our road trips!