Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Goodbye Tinkerbell

It's been a hectic week and while there's been a lot going on, I'll spare you the details because most of them are mundane and involving lots of time in the car. Let me just say... I'm tired. And it's only Tuesday! I don't think that it's going to be this crazy normally - just part of getting spooled up on the new job.

Natalie has totally mastered the crawling thing and is moving on to beginning to "cruise" the furniture. She's not quite there yet - but Kevin and I can tell it's definitely coming. Baby gates are up!

We officially shrunk our family last Friday and let me tell you it's a bittersweet thing. No, I didnt get rid of Kevin... (although he knows if he doesnt pick up his socks he might be next.. j/k!). We found another home for our younger cat, Tinkerbell. It was just time. Unfortunately we had been overrun by cat hair ever since she arrived and had recently found *gasp* lingering dingleberries NOT in the cat pan. Uggggg! We found a very nice woman on craigslist to offload our cat on and she was very excited about it. She was seeking out a friend for her female cat and has someone cleaning her house every other week - so she shouldn't even notice the shedding hair. Hopefully the poo incidents were isolated ... (cross your fingers folks!) I'm celebrating having only one animal. It's helped the house stay clean and I've found that I appreciate Chloe so much more now. It's probably better for all of us - Tinks included.


Kevin said...

Litter pan quantity has reduced by 80%... Something is seriously wrong with that cat... good grief!

Anonymous said...


Explanation - there's a lot more of her than Chloe.

I think I'll kind of miss cow-cat. She liked me, as long as I didn't approach her. Talk about skittish.