Monday, April 9, 2007

Umm.... those weren't allergies....

Ok, I know its been a long time since you've heard anything from our camp and I had said I'd be updating about once a week. Well, not a lot has happened since the last post - really. Those allergies I thought I had turned out to be a cold that Kevin so lovingly shared with me. I spent a week and a half coughing, blowing my nose and laying around with body aches and no energy. Luckily all I have left is a cough which only comes out when I lie down; this has been making sleep an illusive past time. Last night I was awake until 4am insanely jealous that Kevin was catching the Zzzz's that I was so desperately craving. Finally, I got up and read a while and then drank some warm milk (why does that work, anyway?) and was able to drift off for a whopping 3 hours of beauty rest. I read an article online that said that 78% of pregnant women suffer from insomnia - although I always thought it would happen when I was having trouble getting comfortable because my stomach was taking up half the bed (which isn't the case quite yet). So if you're reading this and have any advice, I'd be willing to take it.

Yeah... I know, really exciting post this time. I meant it when I said not much had been going on since I had been under the weather - and now you believe me! =)

A week and two days until our big ultrasound! Woot! April 18th cant come too quickly. Night all!


Ms. Burly said...

Sorry to hear that you have been so sickie! Hope you are feeling up to your normal self soon.
See ya soon!
-Angie B.

Beth said...

Bummer about the cold. Sorry to tell you this but I didn't have much problems with sleep. The only thing my doc really said was that the left side was best to sleep on for some reason. Oh and Matt got me a body pillow and that did wonders!! You can sleep with it parallel right up to your body, prop your belly on it to help keep it from sagging down and hurting your back and then put the part down by your legs in b/w your legs to keep everything kind of aligned. Try that and see if it helps! :)
Loved your earlier pic btw, how cute! :)
Can't wait for the baby's first pic next week.


Elizabeth said...

Call me as soon as you can with the news! I want to hear it directly from you! So exciting!!!! Two more days, right?