Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Silly Allergies

So it was 80 degrees outside and I (Lauren) went for a bit of a walk to celebrate the coming of Spring. We also slept with the windows open last night and (much to my dismay) I woke up with a sore throat and a general feeling of *blah*ness. Hopefully it passes soon!

A cool thing to mention this week, I think I've been feeling the baby move and I had Kevin try to feel something last night. Now I know that it is early for him to feel something, but he was able to confirm what I had been feeling - a gentle rolling in my lower stomach and then a little tap (like a kick). I don't believe it was any of the other usual suspects (gas, stomach grumbles, etc). I guess we'll only be able to tell as time goes on and the sensations get stronger. It may be cause for a little alarm as babies in our family have a history of being rather large - heaven help me! =)

Alright, I've had complaints that there are no pictures of me on the site yet, so I've included one for the record. It was taken yesterday at 16.5 weeks. I'm definitely wearing maternity pants now, but can still pull of a long shirt of the non-maternity variety. All of my maternity shirts (save for the tanks I'm wearing in the picture) are rather tent-like on me still, but I'm sure I'll be busting out of them soon enough. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Yahooo! Look how beautiful you are pregnant :) You look great Lauren, so excited to see you soon.
Love Ang

Miriam said...

Nice pict lady! Just think - only several more months and you'll be nice and big like much to look forward to!~ I'm trying to conjure up enough energy to go shower and get my car washed - only four days to go! Lots of love!

pipsylou said...

You look gorgeous! Look at that baby bump already!

Rach said...

That was me, Rachel! :)

pipsylou said...

my blog is