Thursday, April 19, 2007

We're having a what???

So we went to Hopkins yesterday for our detailed anatomy ultrasound and we were so excited to learn that the baby is looking totally healthy and normal! We also found out a little bit more about just WHO this little one is going to be...
The ultrasound tech said with a great deal of confidence... "I dont even need to look anymore, this is definitely a little girl!". Both Kevin and I were a bit in shock b/c the doctor at our last ultrasound had told us she thought it was a boy (although it was technically too early to really make out the parts). So we had privately been referring to "him" this and "he" that. We'd even dismissed girl names and focused on the boy names! So... we were both stunned (and delighted!) to learn the news.
I've included some pics for your viewing pleasure. We were fortunate to get a few 3D pics along with the regular ones that really show her facial features well. Enjoy!

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Ms. Burly said...

I am so excited for you guys! How amazing technology is today that you can see a true glimpse of your beautiful little girl. Love you guys! & I can't wait to see you soon.