Saturday, March 10, 2007

Signs that you're old...

So, everyone in our neighborhood has been patiently waiting in hopeful expectation for a new grocery store to open just down the street. Its a new grocery store for the immediate area (Redners Warehouse Market) and Kevin and I toured one north of here and thought it had a lot to offer and really good prices. So, it was supposed to open next week (March 14) and the opening date has been on my calendar for months! We only have one other grocery store in the area and they don't have a good selection and their prices are high. So in all of my glee, I emailed the company to confirm the opening date and much to my dismay they wrote back to say that they're delayed until sometime in May. WHAT!!!! My whole world is going to collapse! Going to the new store was the highlight of my week - heck (besides Kevin's birthday) the highlight of my month! *Sigh* When did grocery store openings become such big events our lives? Ha!

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