Thursday, September 29, 2011

School News

Natalie requested "rainbow cake" for her birthday celebration at school.  Nevermind that it was the DAY after we returned from camping and I had a pile of laundry a million miles high and several sold items on eBay I needed to ship.  Rainbow cupcakes were the priority. 

I got the idea from this blog.  Highly, highly recommend EVERY ONE of her recipies.  I've tried several and that girl has a good palate.

They were a hit at school.  I was glad because I felt all this pressure from the previous parent to "have the right birthday treat".  (It was all self-induced, of course.)

In other news... remember that kid Noah at school?  Well, Natalie came home on her third day and told me she'd kissed him.  Lord have mercy... this was NOT what I was prepared for.  Well, maybe I shouldnt have been THAT surprised.  She likes to act out Sleeping Beauty here at home and loves dressing up as a princess and likes acting out all of the various prince/princess roles with us.  But kissing a boy??!?!  I stressed.  I called his mother.  I emailed the teachers.  I pulled the princess movies off of the shelf at home.  Maybe an overreaction?  I dunno.  Perhaps.   Especially after I found out the kiss may have been a quick peck on the chest rather than on the lips. 

Regardless, I dont think my reaction really hurt anything.  I have noticed her talking more about getting married, asking when, who, etc.  And not really interested in watching other kinds of movies.  So, for now the princess books and movies have "gone to play at another little girls house". 

And boys have cooties.  Lots of them.

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MegganB said...

LOLOL!! Please save this story forever, love it!! :)
*please note: I probably find it a lot more humorous because it's not my daughter. If it were, I'm not sure what I would do! :)