Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1st Day of School

My baby *sniff* started school this month.  Okay, its just preschool, but it just made her seem all grown up.  I'm sure when Liam starts it will be old hat.  Poor kid!

I got to go along for her gradual entry day.  It was just four days after her fourth birthday!  We left Liam with Grandma and Natalie picked a "special" place for lunch.  Natalie picked Arby's. 

Curly fries = special!

I took this picture right before she looked at me with her big brown eyes and told me: "I love you forever, Mom".

I was just kind of speechless and stammered out a "I'll love you forever too, Natalie".  Seriously... my newly minted 4 year old was already blowing me out of the water with how old she seemed.  This is the sort of stuff that just makes you beam inside as a parent.  Kind of amazing and surreal when it happens...

She really didn't "need" me there during class.  She's so social (even though she likes to pretend she's shy at the outset).  She quickly made friends with a little guy named Noah and spent a good amount of time playing princess and knight with him during free-play time.  I found myself cringing when she'd run around in the princess dress and say "I need to find a prince so I can get married!"  Oh dear...  maybe one too many Disney movies??? 

First day of school!

Roll call (It was cute watching them learn how to raise their hand and say "here!")

Learning the songs!

Storytime (she had two kids arguing over who was going to sit next to her)

the end of class (she was ready to go back!)

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