Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh Right... The Blog.

When things get crazy around here, the blog is (unfortunately) one of the first things to slip.  And apparently it's been mighty crazy around this joint for the last month and a half.  Here's a quick catchup for April....

  • 4/17  Liam started saying "No".  It was cute for a week.  Now he's screaming it.  That became not so cute real fast.
  • 4/22 Natalie brought me flowers (i.e. dandelions) from a walk with Grandma.  She ran into my office and gave them to me and said "These are for you, Mom.  I love you mom."  Okay... you live for these moments as a parent.
We finally decided to dedicate Liam at a mass dedication service at our church. Funny, we had Natalie dedicated at 3 months. For Liam we waited until 20 months. Oh well, we actually had brain cells back then. Life with one three month old? A piece of cake! We could actually go out to eat when she was that age. We'd just put the whole carseat under the table at the restaurant and let her sleep away. These days? They pay us NOT to come to restaurants.

It was a nice dedication service, albeit a little long. Granted, we DID arrive much too early and the kids were fit to be tied even before the service started. The professional pictures taken there were hilarious. I did NOT order one. Let's just say that I was reminded why I get my kid's pictures done only once a year and with a great amount of planning, toys, bribery and assistance.

A sweet moment with Grandma.

Thank you, God, for pacifiers!

Easter came and went and we spent it with our good friends the Lewis' and their family.  What a nice time!  You'll identify our kids by the rather disheveled hair and Larry the Cable Guy man tank.  Boy we sure know how to dress our kids up for a nice time!

Sequoia, Helga (er... Natalie), Cheyenne and Bubba (er... Liam)

Liam's first egg hunt (where he actually participated). I didnt have a basket for him so guess who got to use the pink bag? He's so metro!

Liam hadn't had candy before this day. I had to do some clever slight of hand to make a good portion of his jellybeans disappear because he was shoving them hand over fist into his mouth. Something tells me he's got his Nana's sweet tooth.

Note the lack of candy here in his Easter basket. I know... we're such Easter Scrooge's. But, I mean, who needs candy when you can have a Dora & Diego toothbrush??? =P

Natalie got a "reading is fun" Easter basket.  Did I mention we're a little dorky around here?

The result of allowing your already hyper 3.5 year old to eat Easter candy. 
All right, all right... It IS a cute smile. =)

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Anonymous said...

I was seriously laughing so hard while reading this blog post! Thank you for updating - your kiddos are too cute! -Angie B