Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May, So Far

I thought I wouldn't say it, but I flew with the kids again, and it wasn't that bad!  I think I had convinced enough people to pray for us this time under the pretenses we may actually get booted off the plane midway to Kansas City.  Based on the flight I had with them in August, this could have been a very real possibility.

This time, though, was MUCH better - largely due to the love for television that we've worked on instilling in our 1.5 year old.  (The former me just died I think)  I have a huge love/hate relationship with the TV.  I really hate the fact that my kids are in front of it at all.  But I've come to learn that my sanity is on the line and if it keeps me from blowing a gasket or allows me to get dinner made without stabbing myself in the eyeballs then it's probably worth it.  How DID those pioneer women do it?

Liam (quite on his own) has developed a love for all things Dora.  I've never been a fan of the triangle headed kid, who, my friend Beth pointed out, does not have a shirt that covers her stomach.  But, I've welcomed her warmly into my home because for some reason or other Liam adores the ground she walks on, along with Map, Backpack, Boots and the rest of the gang.  I know the songs, I've read the predictable books and have purchased the gear that goes along with being a Dora fan just for Liam because I figure it makes him so darned happy.  It IS cute. I also was figuring it would help make the plane ride a more pleasant experience.  And I was right!

Getting out to KC was perfect.  I had an extra seat next to me so we could all have our own (Liam was a lap child).  Coming back, however, we sat in the very last row next to the bathrooms and I was sandwiched between Natalie's carseat and a broad shouldered guy with Liam on my lap.  I swear the last row has even LESS leg room than the rest of the seats on the plane.  Lets just say I was thankful for deodorant and the lollipops I'd brought to bribe my children that day.

We stayed a week in Kansas City this time and it was lovely.  I got LOTS of time to myself, to shop, to hang out with my sister, to see my grandparents and long lost relatives and to just relax.  I was so bummed to come home to a house where no one does my laundry (my mom rocks at laundry) and I had to go back to work.  =(  I guess it wasnt only the grandkids who got spoiled at Nana and Papas house!

My freshman roommate, Beth, came for a playdate with her daughter Mylie.  Natalie had fun bossing her around.  Heck, she has fun when she can boss anyone around!

Poppo, Cousin Steven and Uncle Mike
SO thankful that they made the trip to come see us!

My cousin Steven is graduating from medical school this coming weekend and starting his residency in OB/GYN.  We got a chance to go out and I got to pick his brain about all of his crazy stories thus far involving women, babies, etc.  He's got a real passion for medicine and a heart for womens health.  I'm excited for him and what he's accomplished so far.  I know he'll make a terrific doctor.

My Great Aunt Hazel.  She looks exactly the same as I always remembered her growing up (maybe just a bit shorter).  Such a bright spirit and positive person.  I love her!

Left: Liam wearing Nana's "dress up" beads, 2011.
Right: Natalie wearing Nana's "dress up" beads, 2008. 

Aunt Lib reading to Natalie.  I love the expression on Natalie's face.  This book was particularly long and had lots of nonsensical words.  I think its ironic that even at 3 1/2 she's like "seriously???".

A sweet picture of Mommo reading to Natalie.

Liam giving hugs to Poppo.  I love that they get a chance to see each other, even if it is much too infrequent.

Dinner with the family

When we got back into town we found a tricycle that fits Liam perfectly.  Craigslist, of course!

We did lots of shopping in Kansas City.  It was nice to buy clothing in stores other than Target and Costco (the main stores I frequent at home with the kids).  This little number is from the Osh Kosh outlet.  I do think the bunny slippers were a nice addition.

Liam started talking up a storm after we got back from Kansas City: "egg", "Natalie", "Banana", "balloon", "heart", "shoes", "up we go"...  And the list goes on.  Next it will be "pink purse".

In other news, we also got rid of the pacifier, Liam had his first dentist appointment and Natalie told me that we were going to be "friends forever".  Gosh, I hope so.

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