Sunday, February 27, 2011

Okay, So This May Be Harder Than I Thought...

I started a low carb diet (more on that later) a week ago and realized I didnt have enough fresh veggies and quick low carb meal components to help me be successful this coming week (it's going to be a really crazy week work-wise for me).

So I spent an additional $300 at the store on groceries.


My new goal is that what we have needs to last us 2 weeks (except for milk and toothpaste, for the kids).  After that, I really have enough meats in the freezer so I'm hoping I can just buy fruits and vegetables for a week or two.

I also am planning on trying out, as recommended, but I've got to wait until I deplete my stash a bit.

Hi, my name is Lauren.  And I'm addicted to groceries.


MegganB said...

Ok, I just have to ask, how often do you buy the kids' toothpaste? It sounds like you buy it very often... I think we buy toothpaste like every 6 months or so. We brush twice a day but I'm starting to get a complex :)

Lauren said...

Meggan -

Ha! I haven't bought it since November or so. I dont tend to go crazy on toiletries... although I have been known to stock WAAAY up on laundry detergent, paper towels and toilet paper. And I think you might be better than me in the tooth brushing department. I brush mine twice a day, but only manage the kids' teeth right before bed. How messed up is that?!?!