Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Sad Farewell

After a lot of thinking and praying we made the hard decision to discontinue the homeschool preschool group we were a part of two days a week.  It just got to be too much with all of the errands I needed to run for the rest of the week plus work plus quality time with the kids at home plus chores around the house, yada yada yada.  I was stressed when we got home, Natalie was distracted while we were there and Liam spent his time at preschool running around the playroom emptying toys and puzzles left and right. 

Regardless, it was a hard decision as we'd made a lot of good friends there and the kids really did have fun each week.  I'm thinking the Fall might be good for another try as they'll both be a little older. We'll see...



Making muffins with Ms Erin.  I love Abel's face!  This is right before he dumped half the can of baking powder in the bowl.  It's a wonder those things turned out - but, MAN, were they good!



Rory - eating a donut for Sequoia's birthday.

Sequoia (celebrating her 4th birthday at preschool!)

We'll definitely miss the preschool bunch, but hope to develop a routine of educational play/activities and scripture memory here at home.  If anything, being a part of the preschool group helped me to gain more confidence with my role as an educator at home.

It also helped me realize that I'm probably not cut out to homeschool my kids.  Of course I could change my mind, but I think I realized how BIG of an undertaking that truly is.  I'm missing some of the creativity and patience factors that I think you'd have to have to do this well.  I'm also missing all of the science and math skills I used to once posess (where DOES all that information go?).

Ah well, your kids thinking you dont know anything comes with the territory of being a parent I guess.  I better just accept it now.  

That and mom jeans. 

Okay... sorry, Mom, but I'm going to be fighting that one til the day I die.

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