Monday, November 1, 2010

Saving a Buck Here and There

So we recently got done with austerity month - just really trying to pinch some pennies to see how frugal we could actually be.  It was a good lesson for us non-budgeters and I think we'll probably revisit that month a few times a year to put some things in perspective.

During that month I learned a lot of things about how to leverage coupons so I wasn't just walking away having saved 50 cents here or $1 there.  I actually was saving a LOT.  I don't always hunt for coupons now (as it doesn't matter with certain purchases) but I've found a lot of resources that are SUPER handy.

  • Living Rich With Coupons  (get on their mailing list.  SUPER helpful stuff! I also subscribe via rss feed on Google Reader)
  • Coupon Mom (they have a grocery coupon database, grocery store sale to coupon matchup with shopping list creator, and coupons for Target, CVS, etc.  They also have video tutorials on how to get started in couponing.  And the best part???  You DON'T have to spend hours clipping coupons anymore!)
  • The Coupon High (always really good deals! I subscribe to this one on my Google Reader rss feed)
  • Ebates (you simply use this site to search for items you want to buy on the sites you already use (i.e. Old Navy, Groupon, Target, etc.  I just got 8% cash back on a purchase from Old Navy.  I believe they actually mail you a check!!!)
Here's some of the one's I'm still testing out but look promising:
  • Swagbucks (Still testing this one out, but apparently you can get $$ back just for searching the web.  I've always liked Google as my homepage, but I'm testing using Swagbucks as my homepage to see how much $$ I can make in my normal web searching.  Apparently it takes 450 Swagbucks (SB) to get a $5 gift card from Amazon.  I joined on Friday (Fridays are Mega SB day) and I've already got 68 (SB).  I read someone's blog who said she bought a laptop with her SB's.  There are other ways to earn SB other than searching (taking surveys, looking for hidden clues, etc).  I'm not all that interested in that as I don't usually have the time.  We'll see how this goes.
  • Redemption Unlimited  (A blog by a couple of gals that talks about everything from grocery store deals and coupons to menu planning, etc.  I subscribe to this in Google Reader)
  • The Krazy Coupon Lady (I subscribe to this in Google Reader)
  • Money Saving Mom (I subscribe to this in Google Reader)
  • Coupon Geek  (I subscribe to this in Google Reader)
  • Moms Need To Know (I subscribe to this in Google Reader)
 Anyway, I just wanted to share with you some of the proof that couponing  DOES work.  Recently on a trip to Office Depot I picked up a labeler (something I had reallyreallyreally wanted for a while).  It was normally $50 marked down to $15.  Good deal, huh?  Well I actually got this whole mess for $15!!!

Labeler $15
Printer Paper $1 each
Camera Case $10 on clearance
Post-It Label Pads (made $5 using a coupon!).
And a $10 off $20 Office Depot coupon.

Now I can label my house to my little hearts desire!  So fun. I'd love hear about any couponing/meal planning sites that you couldn't live without.

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