Friday, October 29, 2010

Let's See, Where Were We?

How can it have been so LONG? I feel like I've fallen into a black hole of "busy-ness". We've started preschool (as you've seen in my previous post) and it's been a terrific success. However, I find myself with MUCH less free time than before and I'm wondering if I'll ever get it back!

About 6 weeks ago now I broke my camera lens so I haven't taken many pictures since the incident. We were in the midst of an austerity month (a month where we just buy the essentials and pinch the extra spending). I was busy selling stuff on craigslist to earn a little slush fund and was resigned to pay for the new lens from the sale of one of my scrapbooking gadgets. Side note:I actually thought the whole camera was broken - so finding out that it was just the lens was a huge relief.

I had another lens (50mm fixed, for those of you that care) that was pinch hitting for me, but it was far from effective for day-to-day shooting. It's a portrait lens so a lot of my pictures were VERY close to their subjects.

Case in point:

I was across the room. I mean ALL THE WAY ACROSS and trying to get a photo of my closet's state of disarray so you could see the transformation (I've been on an organizing streak). I think you get the picture, but REALLY!

So I finally found a lens I wanted for half price on Craigslist and I asked Kevin to research buying a used lens for me so I wouldn't be shistered - especially since this money was coming from the hard-earned Craigslist sales I'd made. Apparently the site he was reading told him to turn the end of the lens to make sure it moved freely and noticed that our broken one did not. Deciding to man-handle it, as it was already broken, he twisted it much harder than normal and it popped back into action!

This is me when I realized (15 minutes before we're to buy the "new" lens) what had happened.

It's the "you've got to be kidding me" face.

We went ahead an got the other lens... just because it's SO much nicer (and apparently I need a backup). Its a Canon 28-135mm IS - a nice step up from my 18-55mm. I mean, it was pretty impressive that I could now take a picture like this from the back of the parking lot in the dark and STILL read the letters.

So now I just need to learn how to use it and all of it's nifty features. I'll just be working on that in my spare time. =P

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