Friday, October 29, 2010


So she might not quite have the prounounciation correct, but Natalie is LOVING gymnastics.

I took my camera a couple times to get some shots of my fledgling Olympian. (Okay...she'll probably be too tall to be a gymnast and won't be a star at ANY sport if she's got her mother's athletic prowress.)

her class... so cute!



Oh, the teeth!

Bouncing on the trampoline.

Our thought for gymnastics is that:
A. She's got a TON of energy and needs to run it off.
B. She falls down a fair amount and loves to climb on things, so learning to fall with flair could be a benefit.
C. This is a good predecessor to ballet (Lauren) or martial arts (Kevin). Can I get a HI-YA?

Side note: I mentioned recently that Liam couldn't wait to join the gymnastics class and Kevin about choked on what he was eating. Then he grunted something about "his son wasnt going to be in gymnastics!" There are two boys in Natalie's class of 5 kids now though and it's really more of a tumbling class to be honest. And tumbling can be totally manly! I think as long as I put him in some sort of manly camo shorts and shirt (ala Rocky Balboa) then Kevin will get used to the idea. Ha!

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Derrick said...

Can't wait to see Liam in a pair of spandex bike shorts some day. -Papa