Thursday, May 20, 2010

We Made It

Well, we made it! I would have posted pictures earlier, but I was too busy with a 24 hour stomach bug and then taking care of 2 kids with upper respiratory infections + fevers. Fortunately we didn't start feeling poorly until AFTER we got back from camping. THANKFULLY.


Hayride around the campground

This is actually TWO sites right next to each other. We had about 15ft between us and the next camper. Ridiculously small!

I'll have to say it was more fun than I anticipated. The KOA we stayed at in Harpers Ferry, WV has A LOT of amenities: heated pool, big bouncy blob-style thing for kids and adults alike to bounce on, tons of coordinated activities on the weekends, movies, a museum, etc, etc. We were a little concerned when we arrived because the sites were so super small. That was the only drawback, though, and fortunately we had nice neighbors.

Our camper... I think she needs a name!

Camping with a camper is a completely new experience and I have to admit - it doesn't feel much like the old way of camping at all. However, its SUPER comfy for sleeping and housing a couple little ones. The first night we slept with the A/C on and then the next night we used the heat. You don't even have to trudge to the bath house in the middle of the night for a midnight pee! How exciting is that?!?!

We went on the trip with two other couples (Mario/Simone and Dave/Jill) with five kids between us and a dog. We definitely stayed busy corralling all of the kids and enjoying all of the activities. Both Liam (9.5 mos) and Cheyenne (10.5 mos) aren't walking yet and were fairly content to stay in their screened in playroom (except for the occasional breakout for a snack of small rocks and dirt). However, I'm envisioning camping with them in the fall is going to bring a whole new level of baby-proofing. I'm imagining a giant gate around the fire.

We ate GREAT on the trip (no hot dogs and beans here!) and took turns preparing the meals. I think our only regret was not being able to stay longer. It's really a bit comical to think that we prepared ALL week for a trip that was really only one full day and two half days.



Dad and Mom said...

Great pictures. We're glad that you all have the camper.

Angie said...

Eric and I are wishing you lived down here! We would totally go camping with for 4 more in that camper - ha ha.

Looks like a lot of fun. You are one adventurous woman! (did I spell that right?)