Thursday, June 4, 2009

How Are You Feeling?

Well, I get this question a lot these days.... so I thought I'd tell the world.
In a word, the answer is PREGNANT. I think I'm about ready to have this little one (except for the fact that I have yet to find the dresser to complete Natalie's new room). The sleep I get at night is sub-par at best. I'm always hot and end up freezing Kevin out in order to fall asleep. I'm up 3 times a night to pee and I limp when I get out of bed as though I were 80 because my hips are all out of whack. I mean I know I'll be getting less sleep once this little one arrives, but I might be willing to trade that for what I've got now. Check back with me again in a few months on that one when I'm up every three hours for feedings.

I get heartburn from everything these days. Seriously, one almond can have me running for the Zantac or the Tums. All nuts and pizza sauce are right out. And apparently my body doesn't like something in the new Special K whole wheat crackers I bought yesterday. Heartburn from a cracker? Really, people.

Added on to all these things my back hurts and my feet and hands are swollen so sitting or standing for long periods of time are equally uncomfortable. All in all you've got yourself a woman about ready to will herself into labor.

Ok, so technically I have 6.5 more weeks till D-Day so it's too early yet, but I was told earlier this week that my due date COULD be as early as July 14th (rather than the 21st). I went in for a sonogram because my doctor thought that the baby was measuring small. I wasn't too alarmed by this news because Natalie was small and, believe me, she hurt plenty! She was also healthy at her small weight, so it wasn't a bad thing. But when I went in Tuesday to get the sonogram they told me the baby is looking pretty tall and skinny with a big head. TERRIFIC. Big head is NOT what I wanted to hear. They sent me home with some pictures that I will NOT be posting as they are rather alien-like (they took them looking directly at the eye sockets). The 3D sonogram does such a better job producing cute pictures, but alas the lab I was sent to this time did not have that capability.

Ahh well... I guess I'll just have to actually wait another month and a half to actually see this kid in person. I'm REALLY looking forward to it.


Barb said...

Ooooh, and soooo are we!!!! love, Mom and Dad

Beth said...

Sorry, Lauren. I know what you felt though. My hips, pelvis, back all hurt and I could barely walk when I got out of bed or roll over/sit up to get out. It went away though after the baby!

Miriam said...

I hear ya girl! Only a week and a half to go here....feels surreal that we'll be adding a little body to our family so soon. She attempts daily escapes from the womb with elbows to the belly button or feet pushing one direction while arms push the other!