Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Last night my friends got me good.

Kevin suggested we go to PF Changs for dinner. He's been doing Atkins and claimed he was frustrated with his progress and just needed some "good food". To be honest, I haven't been cooking as much as I normally do since cooking for him these days involves steaming some veggies and grilling a side of beef. Not a very fun dinner. So I totally believed the story.

He dropped me off at the door to get our name on the list and I waddled my ever-growing self inside to get a table. As the hostess was getting menus together a camera pops out behind her and some of my girlfriends started waving! They'd all been in on planning an impromptu baby shower for me and I'd had no idea. I've never been this surprised before!

We had such a good night. I completely stuffed my face at Changs. We ate our favorite lettuce wraps. Then I tried the Singapore Street Noodles (SUPER spicy) and had my favorite garlic spinach. After that we went back to my friend Laura's house for presents and this super delicious strawberry trifle dessert (of which I ate a large helping). They wrapped up the night with having me share my prayer requests and praying for me. What a blessing these women are!

I remember moving here (to MD) like it was yesterday. I knew no one and it was SO overwhelming. I'm such an impulsive person and the move to the East Coast sounded so glamorous when I was planning it. I thought it was going to be full of SO much adventure and excitement. What I found when I moved here was that I was pretty lonely for a good while and that it was going to have to be ME sticking my neck out in order to meet people. No welcome wagon showed up at my apartment door to ensure I was well taken care of.

I prayed a lot those first few years that God would bring friends into my life and slowly, one-by-one, I've met my husband, tons of people at church and each of the ladies I hung out with last night. It's cool to see that, 8 years later, I'm surrounded by such good friends that are genuinely here with me through it all.

I'll have to post some pictures of the party last night when I get them off of everyone elses cameras. I, of course, didn't have one with me.

So, Kevin still hasn't been to the particular PF Changs he took me to. I HAD been excited for him to go and thought it would be good to have Natalie try to eat out a at a "real" restaurant. As it was he ended up taking Natalie to McDonalds. Awwww... I did feel a little bad about that.


Heidi said...

Hey Lauren!
I'm so glad you had a good time. It was a lot of fun. I'm sorry I had to leave early. Exhaustion was/is setting in. Just too much going on this week. You are in my prayers as you finish out this pregnancy. Yeah BOYS!!!

MegganB said...

That's terrific!! So glad you were soooo blessed!

Angie said...

Lauren - I am SOO happy to hear that you have such great friends in MD! Wish you were here to celebrate with you that little guy's arrival. I can't wait to see his little face.
Hang in there you are on the countdown!