Saturday, May 16, 2009

30 Weeks

So I'm only 3/4 of the way to d-day and the thought that I really have a whopping 10 weeks to go is staggering. It feels like I should be having this baby any day now!! I've been waddling for months and my stomach has already reached the size it was with Natalie at the end. Mentally, though, I definitely need more time. I've entered "panic mode" thinking about all of the hurdles of trying to care for two kids at such different stages AND work AND take care of the house. This weekend I've been setting up Natalie's new room (I'll get pictures up when I'm done) and attempting to de-pacifier her. Getting rid of "the bip" (as we call it around here) is actually going MUCH better than I anticipated and we've only had minor tantrums at bedtime rather than WWIII.

Next stop? Potty training.

I'm determined on this one. I've decided that the next rainy weekend we have (meaning I can't yardsale for much-needed items for the kids) I'll be letting her run free on the main floor (no carpet there) sans diaper. Should make for an interesting weekend.

I'm not so sure I should be so optimistic... but wouldn't you think that 3-4 days of no pants should work? I mean, I have STICKERS and BUBBLE WANDS and SINGING POTTYS and am prepared to do backflips and jump up and down and make myself go into labor over success on this one. Oh I know you're on the edge of your seat. =) I'll keep you posted!

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Katie and Jason said...

my nephew got potty trained one weekend when he and my SIL went camping and he got to run around and pee on trees all weekend...not sure that would work for a girl, but it might :)