Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Week in Pictures

The nighttime news was just too much to handle.

"Why is she naked?", you ask. Hmmm... you'd need your clothes changed (and a bath) if you were playing in the toilet water too!

Notice the painted toenails. I did it while she was asleep. She LOVED it! I know I'm nuts and that I'm setting my daughter up to be high maintenance and perhaps too "girly" but hey...it was fun.

Yeah for warmer clothes! I was actually shocked she let me put this hat on. She only really would leave it on if I put it on her and distracted her.

Home-grown watermelon from the neighbors garden.

She "chases" now and says "uh oh", wave "bye bye" and understands what it means to "pick up your cup", "change your diaper", etc. She also loves carrying around her shoes. I'm trying to write everything down but it's all happening so fast. I know we'll be out of this stage and on to the next before you know it. I love this kid.
Alright, enough shameless posting of my kid's pictures. I'm off to soak up a little "me" time. What will that look like? Probably playing this game while sitting in my pjs in bed.

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