Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today you're one. And though you won't remember it, I drug you all over creation running errands and then tried to find bargain toys because I'll be rolling over in a grave before I spend $37 on a silly Little People toy that you'll play with a few times and then get bored with. We finally crammed the stroller into the too-narrow aisles of a consignment shop and I found what I was looking for on the VERY TOP shelp - a Little People schoolbus: $6.50. Then I woke you up after you JUST drifted off so we could run into a beauty supply store so I could buy some clips for your hair that I could fasten bows to. Buy a bow for $5? Not your mom - if she can make it! Natalie I hope I pass on to you the good things about frugality - not the annoying "pinch a penny at any cost" kind. I think its fun to find a bargain. Hopefully you will too.
Right now you're sitting on my lap, fussing because your nap wasn't QUITE long enough and you're not getting the attention you want from me. You say you don't like it when I type on the computer and expect you to entertain yourself? Come on, kid...this one's for posterity!
I'm so looking forward to watching you grow up. To when we can bake cookies together or scrapbook together or you can slide down the slide all by yourself. But I dont want to rush the now. The first steps, the way you reach out for me to pick you up, the cute way you sign "more" and "all done" and the obnoxious way you push my hand out of the way when you REALLY DONT WANT ANY MORE GREEN BEANS! I can't wait for later, but I want to hold on to NOW with all I have. I love you, Natterbug. You're the sunshine in my day - even when you are having a complete melt-down in the middle of the floor. Gotta go!


Angela said...

Happy Birthday Natalie!! (one day late...)

Beth said...

That was a sweet note to her. Happy birthday Natalie!!

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Miss Natalie!! Wow I can't believe you are already one!!

Pipsylou said...

Happy Birthday! :) Was it already a year ago I was looking at your little picture and thinking, "How is a 40 week baby only 5 pounds? And how is she so IMPOSSIBLY cute?"

You have grown since then, but you're even more impossibly cute! :)