Friday, September 19, 2008

Jamaica Pics - Finally!

Here are pictures from Jamaica! My sister and I had such a good time. Man, I wish I was back! Everyone knew we were sisters and quite a few people we ran into thought we were twins. I have to say - being 6.5 years older than her - that felt PRETTY good.

Here's the view from our room! The color of the building? Lavendar.

My sister bought a dress in town. You REALLY had to bargain. We heard all the lines from the shopkeepers "the more you smile..the less you pay" and so on and so on. Some were so pushy it made it no fun to look. We definitely were done shopping after 2 hours.

The water was SO blue and clear you could stand up to your chest in the water and still see your toes! We went snorkeling on the reef there and I got stung by a fire coral. Its been two weeks since I returned and I STILL have an itchy red mark on my arm.

The swim-up bar at the pool. Why can't they have restaurants with these in the states???

Look Ma, no kids!

I need a way to beam back when life gets hectic here. Thanks for the good time, Lib!

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Beth said...

Thanks for sharing your pics, looks like you two had a blast!