Monday, August 18, 2008

Why I blog...and other randomness

A friend of mine asked why I blog...and it got me thinking.

I dont blog nearly as much as I'd like. But I guess I blog because I have a lot of people I care about that I get to talk to rather infrequently. So its a good way for them to keep in touch. It does weird me out that people read my blog that I don't know, but not enough to lock it down. I guess I figure if somebody I don't know is actually interested in something I type - that validates my thoughts that maybe my friends dont just read my blog for the pictures of Natalie. Or else it means they're a psycho. I'll go with option A.

I wish that I could blog mentally... that would be the best. Like when I'm standing in line at Target and some kid starts picking their boogers and flicking them into their mom's hair without her knowing. The big problem is that I take note of that and think "I should blog this" but then I get distracted and the day ends and all I can think of to blog about that night is "went to the store, ate dinner, went to bed". Sounds a bit like a gerbil. I started carrying around a digital recorder so I can remind myself of those blog-worthy moments later on. I'm not sure if it's helped so much, but it is rather amusing. I bought this thing about 4 years ago for a work presentation I needed to memorize. I never really did that, but in the process of carrying it around I used it to rant one particular time about a *ahem* disagreement my darling husband and I had. I never deleted it and to this day its still there. I think I went on for about 10 minutes detailing my side of the story and how he was SO WRONG. We listened to it recently because I thought it would be a good laugh but we just ended up bickering about it all over again...4 YEAR LATER. Nice.

...WARNING: BIG Tangent...Is it just me or does everyone HATE their voice on recordings? Why is it that your voice inside your head sounds so much less annoying when its coming out of your mouth rather than a tape recorder? And will Natalie ever know what a TAPE recorder is? She'll probably just think tape is what you use to wrap a present. Speaking of... I was thinking of not getting her anything for her birthday. Is that bad? Do I have to go out and buy her a toy for her 1st birthday? I know... it's awful, but what does she need? I could go out and pay full price for a toy that would be just as nice as all the other garage sale finds we have, but honestly, my child would enjoy a cardboard box at this stage of the game. Do you recycle? I started recycling last year on Kevin's birthday and I feel pretty good about it. My BIGGEST pet peeve about that is holding onto all of the recycling in our garage for two weeks at a clip. It takes up so much dang space! Speaking of pet peeves, I'm starting to get REALLY annoyed by sitters/nanny's that you ask to call you and instead correspond in email. My last sitter was so frustrating as she would ONLY communicate through texting. I, even though I'm a techy person, happen to HATE texting. I've warmed up to it ever so slightly since I've gotten a phone with a QWERTY keyboard, but it's still obnoxious because I could have had my questions answered in a whole lot less time on the phone than it takes me to text them back and forth.

Alright, I probably better sign off. I've been avoiding my devotionals for the past few weeks and its starting to really bother me. So I'm off to try to focus. I need to get into something really good - because just flipping open the Bible to any old verse is NOT inspiring in the least. I'm reading a book entitled "The Deeper Journey" and getting ready to start a study with a few girls I know. Hopefully something will kickstart my butt into gear because things are pretty D*R*Y. Anybody else struggle with this stuff??

Signing off. Night all.

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