Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What a Bargain!

Kevin and I have been pinching penny's in August. Well, somewhat. We had a few things we planned to spend money on (family birthdays, our anniversary and vacation to Branson) but otherwise we're trying to reign in our "normal" spending. So, I've tried to find some creative ways to enjoy a day out of the house without spending a ton of $$. Today I was marveling at a deal I'd gotten on something in particular when it hit me...I'd had a WHOLE DAY of bargains. "What do you mean?", you ask out of politeness, really hoping I wont bore you with the details. Well...DON'T PUT IT PAST ME. =)

Lauren's Cheap-O Day of Fun (aka Wednesday)
1) Breakfast with a friend at Panera...Natalie in tow - $3.39

2) Pedicure...Natalie NOT in tow, thank goodness - $4 (thanks to a bit of birthday cash from my grandparents I hadn't yet spent...thanks Mommo & Poppo!)

3) J.Crew Bermuda Shorts on clearance at the THRIFT STORE - .50 (yeah, that's 50 cents!)

4) Style & Co. polo-style shirt (thrift store find too...looks like its never been worn) - $4.79 (I actually thought this was a bit expensive for the thrift store)

5) Semi-annual haircut - $15 (honestly, she gave me a discount and didnt dry it)

6) Re-usable plastic cup full of soda from Baja Fresh - 2.02 (not a deal but I can use this for my upcoming trip to Jamaica)

7) A trip to CVS to buy things and get Extra Care Bucks - spent $14 using a coupon and got $6 in Extra Care bucks for next time

8) Baby seat for my bike (Craigslist find) - $15

9) Meximelt for Natalie's Dinner (I'm cringing at this one. I just fed my daughter horse meat or something I'm sure, but I didnt want to cook.) - 1.39

10) Chipotle Salad for dinner for me & Drink - FREE!!! (my work had some sort of appreciation day with them today where all employees could get a free meal...woot!)

Total for the day o' fun (net out-of-pocket): $54.09 That's not too bad for a haircut, an outfit, a pedicure, three meals, a baby seat for my bike, a few things from CVS and a cup!

I did also go to Target and get some essentials that didn't really factor into the "day o' fun" so I didn't list them here. However, I did buy one thing there that I thought was a pretty good deal.

How could you pass this up for $2.98?

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You are SUCH a child of mine! love, Mom