Friday, April 11, 2008


Our neighbor last night saw Natalie sitting on the grass in our front yard and commented on how cute she was - and how big she was getting. She then tells me that Natalie is much prettier than both me and kevin. Ermmm... Thanks?

All well, at least our progeny will go out there with an advantage over us in the world. Ha! Some people's compliments are just funny.

Things I'm planning for the weekend:
1. I'm hitting up a big kids clothing sale nearby (used/new stuff) Saturday am. Maybe I'll find some cute summer things for Nat. I'm SO excited that yardsale season is upon us. I'm a yard sale junkie - its true. I dont actually like to HAVE them - just shop them. =)

2. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. I've stopped losing weight about 2-3 lbs above my pre-prego weight and I REALLY want to be back.

3. Go to a friends daughter's dedication and party. There will probably be lots of good food at the party - she always has something yummy so please refer to #2.

4. Every weekend I say I want to scrapbook and then I dont. I find that I dont really have time while she's awake and in the evenings I want to hang out with Kevin. So, my dilemma ensues. Unfortunately, its a big ordeal to drag everything out in front of the tv and makes me panic stricken as it looks like a tornado just took over our family room. But in the name of getting things done I suppose its worth it.

5. Get together with some friends Saturday night. They just had their 3rd kid and the husband was offering to come over to OUR house if it would be easier for us. Ummm.. Their kids are 2, 4 and 0. I think they "win" on the "needing to have it at their house in the evening" competition. I laughed to myself as I wondered what his wife thought about that offer.... Ha!

6. I'm sure a nap is in there sometime too. We'll see....

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