Thursday, April 24, 2008


I must never say "un-huh" to someone again when I dont really understand what they're saying in order to just be polite. Twice, within the past few days I've simply nodded and not quite realized what I was in for. Today I went to Subway for lunch and got my usual - a foot long turkey and ham (half for now.. half for tomorrows lunch). I get to the condiments and the lady puts on a measly amount of black olives. I politely ask if I have have a lot of black olives as I like them so much. She puts three more on there. Umm??? I ask for a few more. She says something unintelligble but sounds like "third time?" to me. I say "un huh". Well she proceeds to harumph her way onto putting a couple more olives on the sandwich for me, wrapping it up and declaring loudly to the cashier that this was a footlong turkey/ham with EXTRA ingredients. WHAT?!?! I told her that I've never been charged extra for that amount of olives before. She gives me some crap about how some people dont charge and her manager comes over and says something about "you know... when its a 5 dollar sub we have to charge for extra ingredients" (or something like that). And then he tells me that "it holds the line up" and walks away. She then spends a full 60 seconds looking for a way to charge me the extra 20 cents they say I owe. Nice. I should have asked if they charge extra for those people that want "the works" or a toasted sub (they dont). Because those things hold the line up. What if I was on my cellphone - do I automatically get charged 20 cents for holding up the line? The most frustrating thing was that I wanted to storm out of there and say I was never going to be back, but in all reality it's one of the only places close by that doesn't sell fried food, so alas, I'll probably be back. I HATE bad customer service. ARGGG!!!!!!

Forgive the fuzzy picture, but my el-crap-o phone camera doesn't do much better than this.

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